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How is this crucial career training delivered to you?

Every session and program of the Job Search Training System is available 24/7 in streamable, high-quality modules, by live interactive webinars with live Q&A and via in-person group training programs.

As a professional or technical person you may require more in-depth training for the level of results you want. This training option has been tailored for you. Options are available to suit your specific situation and goals.

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Course and options

Professional/Technical Careers


 (eCourse components* below are included at this low price)


5 hour Job Search Training System*


Powerful Career Matrix*


Resume Creation Training*


Personal Career Coaching 1 hour*


Personal Career Coaching: Added Hrs (option)


Boolean Search Training (option)


Video/Web-based Interview Live Training (option)


As an executive, you must navigate complex organizations and address specific situations unique to you and your career. This program is designed to provide the training and optional services to fit any situation you encounter. This personalized, one-on-one live training is designed to bring success in your search for that organization and culture where you will be best able to perform.

Career Action Coaching Plans
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career discussion and executive career search training analysis)

Executive Careers


(Total Program with all options included)


4+ hours of  Live, One-on-One Training Sessions


Powerful Career Matrix Training


Resume Creation Training


Personal Career Coaching 12 hours


Video/Web-based Interview Training


Personal Career Coaching  Added Hrs (option)

 $ 330/hr

Assisted Development of Targeted Employer Database/Leads

$ 125 /hr